About us

1. Who are we?

We are Jessica Nails and Beauty Supplies, or JNBS for short.

We are one of the largest suppliers of nail and beauty products in Toronto and have been open for over 13 years! We have been serving nail salons, beauty parlours, nail techs, beauty gurus and many more, in their journey in the nail and beauty industry!

We strive to always be at the top of the game with the latest nail and beauty trends and get them into our store and on our shelves as quickly as possible. That way you have it in your store and can play with them as quickly as possible! Our team is always keeping up with the trends and updating their knowledge; learning new tips and tricks. We always take in and harvest that new information, add a little bit of our own previous knowledge to it, then share it with you, where you can then add your knowledge to it. Nail art has no rule book, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

JNBS is a family owned business that started in 2006; from a husband and a wife that had a combined experience of over 40 years in the nail industry. They were originally nail technicians themselves before they decided that they wanted to expand their careers and help others to start their careers in the nail and beauty industry. Transitioning from nail salon owners to becoming a leading nail supplier was not an easy task but with hard work,  dedication, a fantastic team and your continuous support and trust, JNBS has been able to flourish into the store it is today.

With your continued support we have been able to expand our services from simply supplying nail products to waxing, hair care, eyelash extension, skin care, cosmetics, spa products & education for salons, wholesale and individual buyers all throughout Canada We are honored that we get to serve nail salons, beauty parlours, nail techs, beauty gurus and many more Canada-wide & cannot thank everyone enough for choosing JNBS! 

We sincerely hope you gain wonderful experiences while shopping with us. Respectfully, we do appreciate your constructive comments and positive reviews, which strongly motivate us to constantly improve our service quality in order to serve you in a more effective and efficient manner. Thank you.


At our store located at 39 Orfus rd, Unit A1 we have our own showroom for customers looking to purchase spa chairs, mani tables, reception tables, etc. It is always open to view, however, if you are interested in purchasing we ask that you call ahead to make sure that the showroom attendee is present. Thank you.

2. What’s our Goal?

Our current goal is to stay a leading nail and beauty distributor in Toronto. We plan on accomplishing this goal by staying up to date on the newest and upcoming trends.

3. Sales Account Policy


To open a WHOLESALE account with us, you must purchase in bulk. After your first bulk order we open a wholesale account for you for future purchases, otherwise we need your business License. 

Please note that:

  • We DO NOT accept Master of Business 
  • Certification From Another Nail Artist 
  • Bulk discount DOES NOT apply to every product we have in store, only select items

4. Payment Policy

  • ONLINE payment methods include: Paypal, Master, and Visa Cards
  • ONSITE payment methods include: all methods of payment

5. Pricing Policy

  • Retail shoppers: Listing prices as shown
  • Business(bulk) shoppers: wholesale prices (if online, please sign in online to secure this price while checking out). If in store please let the cashier know that you have a business account with us (proof may be needed).
  • Special discounts for newly opened salons (please visit our store location in order to receive these discounts)
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