About us

1. Mission Statement

To empower success for beauty professionals through quality products and hands-on training. Our goal is to always stay on top of the latest trends and techniques in nails & beauty so that we can in turn share our knowledge with you!

Fundamentally, we offer our valued clients economical pricing, prompt delivery and improving services with profound knowledge and trending skills in this industry.

2. Vision

To become a leading nail and beauty distributor in Canada. Our vision is to become the home for all beauty professionals alike! 

3. Core values


4. Business Development

Jessica Nail & Beauty Supply Ltd. (JNBS) is a family owned business that started in 2006 from two husband-wife nail technicians who had a passion for nails & a keen business mindset. Transitioning from nail salon owner to becoming a leading nail supplier was not easy but with hard work, a fantastic team and your continuous support and trust, JNBS has been able to flourish.

With your continued support we have been able to expand our services from simply supplying nail products to waxing, hair care, eyelash extension, skin care, cosmetics, spa products & education for salons, wholesale and individual buyers throughout Canada We are honored that we get to serve nail salons and spas Canada-wide & cannot thank everyone enough for choosing JNBS! 

Particularly, our client portfolio continues to grow significantly in the nationwide from Great Toronto Area, London Ontario, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver and so on.

With our deep understanding and highly-skilled techniques in nail businesses, we have been contributing to the success of many nail & beauty salons with a wide range of quality products at a fair pricing. Our warehouse and store capably carry most of the well-known brands including OPI, CND, ESSIE, REVLON, IBD, BOSSYGEL, BIO SEAWEED, LECHAT, iGEL, LA PALM, SHARONELLE, GIGI, GEL II, DND, SCHWARZKOPF, MOROCCAN OIL, AQUA SPA, GULFSTREAM and many more.

Supporting our sustainable growth, we have built an entirely NEW WEBSITE with an online store that allows our established and prospective customers to browse through products and shop at your convenience. 

Welcome to our ONLINE and ONSITE store:

  • New website: www.jessicanailbeauty.ca 
  • Address: Unit A1, 39 Orfus Road, North York, M6A 1S1, Canada 
  • Business hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am - 6 pm

We hope you gain wonderful experiences while shopping with us. Respectfully, we do appreciate your constructive comments and positive reviews, which strongly motivate us to constantly improve our service quality in order to serve you in a more effective and efficient manner. Thank you.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Retail shoppers: listing price on the website.
  • Business shoppers: wholesale price (please sign in online to secure this price while checking out). Alternatively, please visit our store for onsite orders.
  • Special price for a newly-established store.

6. Communication Policy

Currently, we deliver our message and promote products through SIX marketing channels:

8. Sales Policy


To open a WHOLESALE account with us, you must purchase in bulk. After your first bulk order we open a wholesale account for you for future purchases, otherwise we need your business License.

  • We DO NOT accept Master of Business 
  • Certification From Another Nail Artist 


  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Exclusive Products
  • Huge Selection

9. Payment Policy

  • ONLINE shopping: Paypal, Master, and Visa Cards
  • ONSITE shopping: we accept all methods of payment including credit cards and payment upon door-to-door delivery

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