Q: Where To Buy

A: You Can Purchase Online or Directly Through Us by Visiting One Of Distributors Physical Stores!

Jessica Nail & Beauty Supply [Master Distributor Canada]

39 Orfus Road, Unit A1, Toronto, ONT, M6A 1L7

Q: Why Does My Colour Look Uneven?

A: Make Sure You Are Stirring The Powder Well Before Dip! Not Only Does This Result In Even Colouring But Also A Smooth Dip Application As Well!

Q: Why Is There Still Activator?

A: The Activator [Step 3] Is Applied Right Before Top Coat [Step 4]  As An Aid. Without Activator [Step 3], The Topcoat Will Not Be Super Shiny And Will Take Much Longer To Dry. 

The Colour Powders Do Not Need Any Activator [Step3] , The Powders Dry Almost Immediately After Dipping!

Q: What Do I Need For A Dip Manicure

A: To Complete A Dip Manicure You Need The Following

Easy Dip Step 1: Bond

Easy Dip Step 2: Base

Easy Dip Step 3: Activator

Easy Dip Step 4: Top Coat

Easy Dip Clear Powder

Any Easy Dip Colour Powder

No Uv/Led Lamp Required! 

Q: Do I Have To Have The Clear Powder?

A: We Highly Recommend You Use The Clear Powder. It Protects The Natural Nail and Provides A Smooth Canvas For Colour Application.

With Easy Dip You Do Not Need To Seal Your Colour With Clear Before Filing/Buffing! 

Q: Can I Do Long Nails With Easy Dip?

A: Yes! You Definitely Can Do Tip Extensions With Easy Dip Liquid!

Q: How Long Do I Have To Wait Between Each Dip?

A: No Longer Than 5 Seconds! Our Colour Powders Dry Almost Instantly Upon Dipping.

Q: Can I Use Easy Dip Products With Other Dip Brands ?

A: Because Easy Dip Is A Special Fast Dry Formula We Highly Recommend That You Do Not Mix With Other Brands. Easy Was Designed and Formulated To Achieve The Best Results Using All Easy Dip Products – We Cannot Guarantee The Quality or Functionality of Other Brands

Q: My Brush Is Hardening! What Do I Do?

A: After Every Single Dip, Make Sure You Brush Off The Excess Powder On The Nail To Prevent Your Brush From Getting Hard. If It Does Harden, Any Brush Cleanser Will Do The Job!

Q: Why Does The Finished Colour Not Match The Powder In The Jar?

A: When The Powder Is In The Jar, The Pigment Is In Its Dry State. When A Liquid Touches The Powder, It Will Change To The Desired Colour.

Q: Why Are My Results Not Shiny?

A: Please Make Sure You Are Following The Instructions Thoroughly. Make Sure Two Coats Of Easy Dip Top Is Applied Twice At The End Of Every Set 

Q: How Do I Remove Dip Powder?

A: To Remove Dip Powder, You Need To File Away The Top Sealing Layer, And Then Soak For 15-20 Minutes. Using A Warm Towel To Wrap Around Will Help Speed Up The Process!


With the growing demand of dip products, Easy felt like there was a gap in the market for consistent, hassle free, high quality dip products.

Easy is a brand made from professionals, who use and know what it is the consumer needs and is looking for. Tailored for the customers best comfort and for professional usability in mind, easy products were created!

The most simple to use dip system on the market!

Enjoy high quality, hassel free products when using the easy brand!